Stamatopoulos, C.M. - Monarchy in modern Greece

Stamatopoulos, C.M. - Monarchy in modern Greece
For what is perhaps the first time,a global account of how the institution of kingship was implemented in modern Greece is undertaken here. An attempt is made to clarify and respond to most of the questions and perplexities in connection with this subject. The history of the institution of kingship in modern Greece and a portrait of three figures belonging to the Dynasty, while, in the ambivalent instances of Constantine I and Frederica, an attempt is made to separate myth from historical reality. There's a section devoted to the social and public-benefit services performed by members of the two dynasties in time of peace and war. Also the difficult relationship between the people and kingship is examined in this book. Ingenaaide editie, 352 bladzijde, 107 z&w fotos, Engelstalig.

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