Chilot, In the shadow of Eugènie

Chilot, In the shadow of Eugènie
"In the shadow of Eugénie- The last empress in exile" Just a hundred years ago, the last sovereign of France died. Beginning in an English country house in Kent after the surrender at Sedan in 1870, this story ends on a Hampshire estate half a century later, in 1920, after the Treaty of Versailles. After the fall of the Second Empire, Napoleon III, Empress Eugénie and their son accepted Queen Victoria's hospitality and went into exile in England. The Emperor settled with his family at Camden Place in Chislehurst, where he died shortly afterwards, in 1873. A few years later, in 1879, the Prince Imperial, in British Army uniform, died tragically in South Africa, killed by Zulu warriors. As the only survivor and true guardian of Napoleon's memory, Eugénie felt the need to break out of the mould in which history had cast her. She adopted an itinerant lifestyle and ended her long life at Farnborough Hill, the final setting of this imperial adventure. Allowed inside the intimate circle of the imperial family, some of their supporters, friends and servants became privileged witnesses to the life of these distinguished exiles, and their correspondence, memoirs and photographs provide an authentic historical record, These documents, most of them unpublished and in contrast to the press reports of the time, offer an extraordinary view, sometimes outdated, sometimes modern, often uncompromising, of the fate of these illustrious figures from the Third Republic. Moving between their public actions and their intimate moments. In the Shadow of Eugenie tells the true story of the life in the United Kingdom of the last French sovereigns. The centenary of the death of Empress Eugénie provides an appropriate timing for this publication, which is dedicated to the last members of the Second Empire. Gebonden editie, 228 pagina's, tweetalig (Engels en Frans) Afmeting 28 x 24,6 cm

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