European Royal History Journal no. CXIX

European Royal History Journal no. CXIX
Issue CXIX (Fall 2018) contains the following contents: The Romanovs Adrift, the imperial family in 1913-1919 by Greg King and Penny Wilson / Prince Michel of Borbon-Parma, last of the Royal Swashbucklers by Charles Stewart jr. / Kadriorg, a Russian Summer palace in Tallinn by Katrina Warne / A Royal wedding in Gotha, the civil wedding of Princess Stephanie of Saxe Coburg und Gotha and Herr Jan Stahl by Arturo Beéche & Marianne van Dam / Princess Helen of Serbia (1884-1962) by Coryne Hall / Centennial of the Romanov Martyrdom by Arturo Beéche / The wedding of there Dukes of Sussex, Harry & Meghan by Arturo Beéche / Queen Isabel of Castile and gendered monarchy in early moders Spain by Justin Vonk / A Royal wedding in Amorbach, the hereditary Prince of Leiningen marries Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia by Arturo Beéche & Marianne van Dam / Royal News.

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