Kiste, van der - The Dukes of Clarence

Kiste, van der - The Dukes of Clarence
Since the title was created in the fourteenth century, five English princes have borne the title Duke of Clarence. The first, Lionel, son of Edward III, and the second, Thomas, son of Henry IV, both fought in the Hundred Years' War, the latter perishing in battle. The third, George, brother of Edward IV and Richard III, was the only one to leave a legitimate male heir, but was sentenced to death for treason and allegedly drowned in a butt of malmsey wine. The fourth, William Henry, son of George III, was the only one to succeed to the throne, becoming William IV. The last, Albert Victor, son of the future Edward VII, would have followed his father on the throne had he not died young from influenza. In addition the brief and tragic life of Lord Guildford Dudley, who was offered the title by his wife Lady Jane Grey, the nine days' Queen, is also included. This is the first book to tell the lives of each of the Dukes, spanning six centuries from the medieval period to the Victorian era. Paperback editie, 148 pagina's, Engelstalig, afmeting 22.91x15.19 cm.
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