Engberg, Magnus - Maria Pavlovna

Engberg, Magnus - Maria Pavlovna
Maria Pavlovna (1890-1958) , Swedens Russian Princess. She was a cousin of the last Czar and was one of the most fascinating royalties of the 20th century. Life led her from St. Petersburg and Moscow to the role of a Swedish princess and Duchess of Södermanland, in a politically conditioned marriage with Prince Wilhelm. For Marias Russian rubles was built their magnificent home Oakhill at Djurgärden in Stockholm. After the divorce and Russian medical service during the First WorldWar and with several members of her family assasinated by the Bolsheviks, she fled the revolution to a life in exile. She came to live in several parts of the world, before she got her final place at the castle of Mainau in Lake Constance. By then she had been a Russian Grand Duchess and a Swedish Princess. She had worked as a fahion designer (among other with Chanel) been a perfume producer, a photographer and a travelling reporter, all in a life marked by independence, creativity and drama. Getting to know her is to meet a woman and a history that gives perspective even on the world of today. Despite her history Maria Pavlovna is oddly overlooked. A book about her life, time and deed seems to be more than justified. Gebonden, 292 pagina's met meer dan 270 foto's, Zweedstalig, afmeting 235 x 235 x 25 mm.

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