Royal Russia Annual no. 13

Royal Russia Annual no. 13
This thirteenth issue - the largest issue to date, features 155 pages, over 100 photographs, and 5 full-length articles, including 2 First-English translations by Russian historians. The cover story: [1] The Romanovs in the Caucasus by Marie Tegulle. Translated by Irene W. Galaktionova and Neil P. Mayhew. A comprehensive 43-page study, one which focuses primarily on the life of Grand Duke George Alexandrovich (1871-1899), and his life at Abastumani. [2] My Russia. St. Nicholas Kronstadt Naval Cathedral by Paul Gilbert [3] Peter the Great and His Big Boat Dream by Irene W. Galaktionova [4] The Imperial Library at Tsarskoe Selo: Centuries of History by Irina Zaitseva. Translated by William Lee. [5] ‘Spala: Favourite Hunting Lodge of Two Emperors by Coryne Hall Royal Russia News - 40-page news supplement offers Romanov enthusiasts and lovers of Imperial Russian history with the top news stories from Russian media sources on the Romanovs, their legacy and Imperial Russian History. Translated from Russian and presented in English for the first time. This issue includes two photograph collections: (1) Frozen in Time - Photographic Memories of the Russian Imperial Family and (2) The Lost World of Imperial Russia - Vintage Photographs of Russia Before the Revolution.

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