King/Wilson, The Romanovs Adrift

King/Wilson, The Romanovs Adrift
This book covers the lives of eighty members of the Romanov Dynasty between 1913-1919. The cast of characters is thus immense. For the ease of readers, the authors have divided these Romanovs into their eight respective branches. The Emperor headed the premier line, the Nikolaievich branch, which consisted of himself, his wife, and his children. There were seven Grand Ducal branches (Alexandrovich, Vladimirovich, Sergeievich, Pavlovich, Nikolaievich, Konstantinovich, and Mikhailovich), three junior branches (Oldenburg, Leuchtenberg, and Mecklenburg), and the five Grand Duchesses who had entered into foreign marriages. To further help identify the subjects, the authors have freely used patronymics in an effort to avoid confusion between those with identical Christian names. THE ROMANOVS ADRIFT contains a collection of exquisite photos of all the Romanovs branches, and extended family, covered in the book. With access to the vest EUROHISTORY Royal Photography Collection, the book includes nearly 320 unique images of the 80 members of the Romanov Dynasty covered by the authors' narrative. Many of these photos came from the private collections of members of the Imperial Family and their descendants. To further provide a sense of the lost world of the Romanovs, images of their palaces were also included where appropriate, as were images of the sites that witnessed the tragic exile and end of the Romanov Dynasty. The book is scheduled to begin selling in July 2018 in time to commemorate the centennial of the assassinations of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, as well as the assassinations of the Romanov victims in Alapayevsk (Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna, Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich, Prince Ioann Konstantinovich, Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich, Prince Igor Konstantinovich, and Pridnce Vladimir Pavlovich Paley). Gebonden, Engelstalig.

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