Reginal Davis, My life photographing Royalty & the Famous

Reginal Davis, My life photographing Royalty & the Famous
A fascinating insight into the real lives of royal figures, state leaders and Hollywood stars, through the eyes of photographer Reginald Davis - awarded an MBE in 2008 for his work. Reginald shares both his photographs and the experiences he had with his many subjects around the globe. The text reflects on the kindness of Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince Philip's sense of humour, the exotic Imperial world he was plunged into when photographing the Shah of Iran, his most difficult project with Princess Grace of Monaco, the beauty of Princess Paola of Belgium, the glamour of diamond-clad Sophia Loren, and much more. Reginald's work has graced the pages of most big media outlets, in this country and around the world. Now 92, he continues to release his pictures for publication worldwide from the precious library he started in the 1950s. In over 70 years as a photographer Reginald Davis has travelled more than 2 million miles taken thousands of photographs. His photographs have appeared in practically all the world's leading newspapers and magazines as well as his nine previous books on Royal Families. He was made a Fellow of the Masters Association, a Fellow of The British Institute of Professional Photographers, a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. In 1978 was conferred with the Insignia of Taj by His Imperial Majesty the Shah of Iran and in 2008 was awarded an MBE.Gebonden, 106 pagina's, kleurenfoto's, Engelstalig, 20x28 cm.

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