Hall, Coryne & Beéche, A.E. - The Royal House of Bavaria (RoyalC

Hall, Coryne & Beéche, A.E. - The Royal House of Bavaria (RoyalC
Royal Collections vol. III. The Wittelsbachs ruled over Bavaria for nearly 750 years, this fact making their dynasty one of Europe's longest-ruling families. Their is a history of sublime exaltation and deep and sorrowful loss. They were patrons of the arts and letters, incredible builders, scientists, politicians, visionaries, and maddening personalities. This first volume covers the history of the family from its beginning in the XI century to the life of Crown Prince Rupprecht, who died in 1955. In fact, the book is dedicated to him, "the best king Bavaria never had." gebonden editie, 280 pagina's, volledig geïllustreerd, afmeting 28x23cm, Engelstalig.

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