Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 1 - 2019

Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 1 - 2019
Het eerste nummer van 2019 bevat oa de volgende onderwerpen: HANOVER is the family being presented by Charlotte Zeepvat as usual, and not only the dynasty that started with Ernst August, the Duke of Cumberland, in 1837 - but all the way back to the late 16th century and the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg. The genealogy - six pages in all - takes us to and through the House of Hanover in England as well. Marlene Eilers-Koenig joins the effort with an article about CUMBERLAND - The three princesses - dealing mostly with Marie-Louise, Alexandra and Olga of Hanover and their lives in Baden and Schwerin etc. Stefan Haderes continues his article on the ACHILLEION on Corfu - and its second Imperial owner, Kaiser Wilhelm II. Bearn Bilker also continues on an article that was started in the previous issue: ABDICATIONS, this time dealing with Saxe-Weimar, Hessen and by Rhine, Württemberg, Saxony, Mecklenburg and Waldeck.

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