Gilbert, P - Bones of Contention: The Russian orthodox church an

Gilbert, P - Bones of Contention: The Russian orthodox church an
Bones of Contention: The Russian Orthodox Church and the Ekaterinburg Remains by Paul Gilbert 156 pages + 55 black & white photos This is the first English language title to explore the position of the Orthodox Church in Russia with regard to the Ekaterinburg remains. The author's research for this book is based exclusively on documents from Russian media and archival sources. The reopening of the investigation into the death of Nicholas II and his family in 2015, caused a wave of indignation against the Russian Orthodox Church. This book presents the position of both the Moscow Patriarchate and the Investigation Committee. Full-colour covers, 156 pages + 55 black & white photos, in the English language. ‘Bones of Contention’ features an introduction, plus 6 full-length articles and interviews, on such topics as the grounds for the canonization of Nicholas II and his family by the Moscow Patriarchate in 2000; comparative details of the Sokolov investigation in 1919, and the investigations carried out in the 1990s to the present; reluctance of the Moscow Patriarchate to officially recognize the remains as authentic; interesting findings of Russian journalist, producer and screenwriter Elena Chavchavadze in her documentary ‘Regicide. A Century of Investigation’; and the author's own attempt to provide some answers to this ongoing and long drawn-out investigation. Also, of interest are interviews with Vladimir Soloviev, Chief Major Crimes Investigator for the Central Investigate Department of the Public Prosecution Office of the Russian Federation and Archpriest Oleg Mitrov, a member of the Synodal Commission for the Canonization of Saints - BOTH key players in the Ekaterinburg remains case.

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