Prentice, R - Princess Olga of Yugoslavia

Prentice, R - Princess Olga of Yugoslavia
Often called the 'most royal Princess in Europe', Olga's life is imbued with drama from the outset: Taken 'hostage' by her Romanov grandmother, she is further traumatised by the assassination of her grandfather, the King of Greece, followed by a humiliating Swiss exile and being cast aside by a future Danish king. While Olga's marriage to the Prince Regent of Yugoslavia finds her raised to the rank of Consort, it eventually leads to her being branded a 'dangerous traitor' and sent as a 'political prisoner' to Kenya. Yet, as readers will discover, this is ultimately a story of duty, determination and redemption. Gebonden editie, Engelstalig, 438 pagina's, 28 z/w illustraties, afmeting: 229 x 152 (mm)

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