King/Wilson, The murder of the Russian Imperial Family

King/Wilson, The murder of the Russian Imperial Family
Sometime in the night between July 16 and 17, 1918 the seven members of the last Russian Imperial Family, together with four retainers, vanished from the suburban Ekaterinburg house where they had been imprisoned for the previous 78 days. Shortly afterwards, their Bolshevik captors fled the city, leaving the house open for the incoming White Army to find. The apartment where the eleven prisoners had lived was upstairs; it contained few clues beyond piles of ashes in the stoves and fireplaces. But the basement room downstairs - directly under the daughters' bedroom - bore bullet holes and bayonet marks on the plaster walls and signs of hasty floor-washing showed streaks of blood remaining behind. That the Romanovs and their friends had been murdered was a reasonable conclusion which was borne out by the 1991 discovery of most of the family in a mass grave near the town. The mystery of the fate of the Romanovs was solved - but the intervening 73 years of Soviet secrecy had covered up most details of the story. In 2003, John Wiley & Sons published The Fate of the Romanovs, Greg King and Penny Wilson's first co-authored book. Rooted in decades of combined and individual research, and based on ground work completed in Russian archives in the late 90s and early 00s, the book sought to clarify events occurring during and following the tumultuous high summer of 1918. Their research unearthed unexpected amounts of information concerning their captors, the retainers who had followed them into exile, and the train-load of Imperial possessions brought eastwards to ease the comfort of the dispossessed family. The Murder of the Russian Imperial Family is a collection of articles - some originally written for the authors' self-published history magazine, Atlantis: In The Courts of Memory - covering elements of the Romanov story that were not included in The Fate of the Romanovs: * The Departure of the Romanovs from Tsarskoye Selo * The Mysterious Bolsheviks of Tobolsk * The Dispersal and Concealment of Imperial Jewelry and Valuables in Tobolsk * The Mystery of the "Officer Letters" * And more, including the lengthy and detailed Timeline the authors constructed in the course of writing The Fate of the Romanovs and a selection of photographs - some never before or only rarely seen. Paperback, Engelstalig, 397 pagina's, 26 foto's, afmeting 15x23cm.
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