The House of Orange in revolution and war

The House of Orange in revolution and war
Three rulers from the House of Orange-Nassau reigned over the Netherlands from 1813 to 1890: King William I from 1813 to 1840, King William II from 1840 to 1849, and King William III from 1849 to 1890. Theirs is an epic tale of joy and tragedy, progress and catastrophe, disappointment and glory - all set against the backdrop of a Europe plagued by war and revolution. The House of Orange in Revolution and War relates one and a half centuries of House of Orange history in a gripping narrative, leading the reader from the last stadholders of the Dutch Republic to the modern monarchy of the early twentieth century, from the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars to the First World War and the European Revolutions that came after it. Gebonden editie, Engelstalig, 440 pagina's, 64 illustraties waarvan 40 in kleur, afmeting 27x24cm.
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