Harte, R - The Royal wardrobe

Harte, R - The Royal wardrobe
A WHOLE NEW ROYAL HISTORY, WITH A VERY STYLISH TWISTWhy did women wear such heavy and uncomfortable skirts in the Elizabethan era?What the hell happened to Charles II's pubic hair wig?How did Princess Diana's revenge dress become so iconic?Fashion for the Royal Family has been one of their most powerful weapons and plays a key role in why they still exist today. Their clothes are imbued with meaning, with history, and with majesty but at their core they tell a story. Their clothes reveal complex individuals with fears, preferences, demands, and insecurities just like us, sometimes they are weird and wonderful, sometimes they are stately and dramatic, either way they explode with the personalities of the people that wore them. From the TikTok sensation, Rosie Harte, The Royal Wardrobe dives into a horrible history and colourful past that will surprise and fascinate. From the Tudors to the Victorians right through to the 21st Century family rife with drama and division, there is so much still to uncover and explore. Their clothes tell stories and hide secrets, you just need to know how to read them. Ingenaaide editie, 15x23 cm, Engelstalig, 384 pagina's, volledig geïllustreerd.

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