Sovereign is a new periodical dedicated to the life and reign of Russia’s last emperor. This bi-annual publication will challenge the popular-held negative image of Nicholas II through the publication of new articles by Western experts, and first-English translations of works by Russian experts based on new research in Russian archives and other previously untapped sources. Full colour cover. Large 8½” x 11” format. 155 pages. Illustrated with 78 Black & White photos. The premiere issue features an introduction by Royal Russia Founder Paul Gilbert, and the following full-length articles: 1. The Tragedy of Nikolai II’s Abdication by Margarita Nelipa 2. An Impossible Dream: A.I. Spiridovitch and the Personal Security of Nicholas II by Professor Jonathan Daly 3. *The History of the Novoromanov (New Romanov) Archive: The Document Collection of the Last Russian Emperor and His Family in 1917-1919 by B.F. Dodonov, O.N. Kopylova, and S.V. Mironenko 4. The Reign of the Sovereign Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich by Major-General Andrei Georgievich Elchaninov 5. From Myth to Reality - The Romance of Tsarevich Nicholas and Mathilde Kschessinska by Coryne Hall 6. *Sixty Facts About the Last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and His Reign * Denotes First English language translation This issue also include the following photograph collections: 1. Emperor Nicholas II at Bobruisk and Berezina December 21, 1904 2. Residences of Emperor Nicholas II Lower Dacha, Peterhof. Engelstalig, 155 pagina's, ingenaaid, illustraties, 22x28cm.

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