Beéche, A - Royal Collections, volume 1: Great Britain

Beéche, A - Royal Collections, volume 1: Great Britain
This is the first volume in what to be expected a series that will take several years to complete. Publisher Eurohistory has an enormous archive, around 400,000 images of royalty from 1850-Present. Each volume will be covering one or more kingdoms. The first is dedicated to Great Britain and has the following chapters: Great Britain: A Brief History of the Royal House/ Queen Victoria (1819-1901) / King Edward VII (1841-1910) / King George V (1865-1936) / King Edward VIII (1894-1972)/ King George VI (1895-1952) / Queen Elizabeth II (b.1926) / The Junior Branches of the Royal Family: The Dukes of Gloucester / The Dukes of Kent / The Duke of Edinburgh / The Dukes of Connaught / The Dukes of Albany / The Old Royal Family: The Dukes of Cumberland / The Dukes of Cambridge/ Extended Family: The Battenbergs: The Marquess Carisbrooke/ The Tecks: The Marquesses of Cambridge / The Earl of Athlone/ The Marquesses of Milford Haven / The Earls Mountbatten of Burma/ Family Tree / Gebonden editie, 461 foto's en 264 pagina's. In het Engels, afmeting: 29x22 cm.

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