Gilliard, Pierre - 13 years at the Russian Court

Gilliard, Pierre - 13 years at the Russian Court
To coincide with the photo exhibition in The Hague "Pierre Gilliard: the last days of The Romanovs" (until 11th June 2017) The Last Years of the Romanov Tsar and His Family by an Eyewitness. Written by a Swiss academic and French language tutor to the five children of the Tsar, Nicholas II. It offers intimate and invaluable insights into the personal lives of the last reigning Russian royal family, and into the politics and personalities-including the infamous Rasputin-that surrounded them. Details of those turbulent times, as the storm of disaffection in Russia grew to become a clamour for great change that consumed the centuries-old established order, are graphically portrayed. The final chapters of this book are especially touching, as they concern the period during which the author experiences the final departure of the by now powerless captive family on the journey which would lead to their deaths in a cellar at the hands of the communist revolutionaries. Engelstalig, ingenaaid, 208 pagina's, foto's gemaakt door de auteur zelf.
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