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3 x Eurohistory Journal no. CXXV
2 x Meyer, B - Kaiserin Elisabeth und ihr Ungarn
1 x Zeisler, W - Vivre la Belle Epoque à Paris; Olga Paley et Paul d
2 x Graf, Bernhard - Die Wittelsbacher & Ihre Juwelen
3 x Azar, Helen -Maria Romanov: Third Daughter of the Last Tsar, Dia
1 x Kiste, van der - The Heroine of Gaeta: Queen Maria Sophia of the
1 x Augusta, Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
1 x Artz, Martine - Een keizerlijke vluchtelinge
1 x Belyaev, A - The Romanovs under house arrest
2 x Lamotte, S - Albert I of Monaco
2 x Bloks, M - Hermine, an Empress in Exile
2 x Glenconner, A - Lady in Waiting
2 x The Royal house of Belgium in old postcards
2 x Miller/Beéche - The Grand Ducal House of Hesse
3 x Prince, Patron and Patriarch, Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurth
1 x Kelly, Angela - The other side of the coin
2 x Chilot, In the shadow of Eugènie
2 x Rappaport, Helen - After the Romanovs
1 x Radu al Romaniei - Povestea Castelului Peles
1 x Cook, Andrew - Prince Eddy
2 x Laredo, R - Informally Royal
1 x de Belgique, Esmeralda - Lilian une princesse entre ombre et lum
2 x Eurohistory magazine no. CVII
1 x Beéche, A - Memoirs of Countess Viktoria-Luise of Solms-Baruth
1 x Gilbert, P - Portraits Nicholas II
1 x Aronson, Theo - Prince Eddy and the Homosexual underworld
1 x Royal Women
2 x European Royal History Journal no. CXV
2 x Gelardi, Julia - A Guarded Secret
1 x Vickers, Hugo - The Sphinx
1 x Fabergé: Romance to Revolution
2 x Longo, James - Hitler and the Habsburgs
3 x Hughes, S - Our Rainbow Queen
2 x Kaiserreisen
2 x Dutch Royal Family Huis ten Bosch 2019
2 x Bilteryst, Damien - Le prince Baudouin; Frère du Roi-Chevalier
1 x Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 2 - 2021
1 x Herthelius/Rosvall - Astrid 1905-1935
1 x Die Dynastie Luxemburg-Nassau / La dynastie Luxembourg-Nassau 18
1 x Radu al Romaniei - Elisabeta Portretul unei Regine
1 x Albert & Elisabeth, the film of a royal life
2 x Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 4 - 2019
1 x Evers, R - Máxima
2 x Aronson, Theo - The King in Love; Edward VII's mistresses
1 x Weber, Patrick - Albert II
1 x Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 2 - 2019
2 x Horn, J - Die Battenbergs
1 x Meylan, Vincent - Christie's ; jewellery archives revealed
1 x My dearest, dearest Albert
1 x Bijl, A - Juwelen! Schitteren aan het Russische Hof
3 x Fürsten und ihre Residenzen in Thüringen
1 x King, Greg - Twilight of Empire: The Tragedy at Mayerling and t
1 x Mooij, Arnaud - Old Passioned
1 x Ultimo, Österreichts letzter Kaiser
3 x Dutch European Royal History Journal no. CXIX
1 x Philippe of Belgium
1 x Royals & Trains
1 x Greece, Prince Michael of - The Hellenic Dynasty
1 x Ellenbeck, S - Prinzessin Alice von Griechenland, vol. 2 Years 1
1 x Vorstelijk Verzameld
1 x Die Welt des Adels
1 x McCarthy, K - Fabergé in London
2 x Ashton,J / King, G - For the Life of Tsar, Triumph & tragedy at
1 x Symons, S - Schloss in Baden-Württemberg
2 x Eurohistory magazine no. CXII
1 x Greece, Prince Michael of - BourbonOrleans, a Family Album
1 x Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 4 - 2020
1 x Golden/Warwick, Her Majesty
1 x Vickers, Hugo - Malice in Wonderland
3 x The Golden Carriage
1 x Mandache, Diana - Duduia
1 x German Nobility 20th & 21st Century
1 x Sovereign vol. 8
1 x Royal Bingo board game
1 x Wijngaert, vd - België en zijn koningen
1 x Der letzte sächsische König, seine Schlösser und die Revolution
1 x Der Kaiser und das 'Dritte Reich'
1 x Kirchstein, J - Auguste Victoria
1 x Eurohistory Journal no. CXXVI
2 x Belgique de, Esmeralda - Léopold III mon père
1 x Kiste, van der - Queen Victoria's African Princess
1 x Aronson, Theo - Princess Alice; Countess of Athlone
1 x Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 2 - 2018
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